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SABCO is one of the experienced contractors for the drilling of cathodic protection wells,we have the experience ,personal and equipment. SABCO has drilling permits and ensures finishing the job in timely fashion.

We are proud of our hard earned reputation and of the cathodic protection wells that we have drilling till today. We are confident in the abilities of our drilling department to meet the needs and standards of you,our customer.

Our mission is to be protect public health issuing permits for public water wells,operations of domestic water systems ,well destruction ,monitoring wells,cathodic protection wells,soil borings,after ensuring that all relevant codes are followed .

The water program employs a preventive approach to assure that groundwater will not be exposed to chemical/bacterial contamination and people will not be exposed to safety hazards associated with improperly conatructed or abandoned well.


  • Specialize Drilling various depths and diameters (drilling depth up to 500m)
  • We have experience in drilling wells attributed download.
  • Supply and installation of submersible pump.
  • Sophisticated drilling rig and adequate experienced manpower.
  • International quality ground water drilling standard.
  • Pumping Test
  • Water well drilling
  • Drainage wells
  • Monitoring wells
  • Production wells
  • Drilling cathodiction system
  • Welder & Welder Equipments
  • Supplied and Installation Steel Casing Different sizes
  • Bore Holes Testing
  • Various Steel Casing
  • UPVC Casing
  • Air Lifting Compressor

The Drilling Process








It is the intent of SHAT AL BARKA company management to provide a safe and healthful working environment for all employees, to accomplish this goal, every resource of occupational safety and health available to the management of SHAT AL BARAKA shall be use.

QHSE responsibility:

  • Quality: delivering high quality services
  • Health: ensuring a healthy environment for employees and clients
  • Safety: taking all necessary steps to ensure the safety of our employees and clients
  • Environment: safeguarding the environment for future generations


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  • Tele: (+965) 23921130
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  • Saturday - Thursday 8:00 - 17:00